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Add Contact Info To Your Android Lock Screen

If your phone were lost, would anyone know how to find you? Or would they just be stuck staring at your lock screen?  Nothing against lock screens, it’s a terrible idea to not have your phone password protected, no matter how convenient it might seem.

But I’ve got a quick trick that will allow someone who finds your phone to know who it belongs to and how to contact you. Follow these easy instructions to leave your contact information on the start screen of a phone running on Android Kit Kat. Ready? Let’s go.  Start by tapping Settings.

Then choose My device.

And then Lock screen.


Choose Enable Lock screen widgets.

Tap Owner information.

Then type in the information you wish to display. I

I’m putting in a name and e-mail address. You might choose to display an alternate phone number. Make sure it’s an alternate number. It won’t do you much good if someone is calling your lost phone. I remind you of this because the first time I did this, I entered the number of the phone I was holding.

Now my name and contact information will display on my lock screen.

If you have Android 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 – Choose settings.

Then Security.

Then choose Screen security followed by  Owner info. From there you can enter your information.

~ Cynthia