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Add Contacts in MySpace Mail

How to add contacts or import other address books into MySpace Email?

MySpace email currently supports imports from AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook address books. You can also type your contacts in manually or transfer them via import. You may have to manually type your contacts in if you have any other email account(s) than the ones listed above.

Log-in to your MySpace account and click on the Mail link then the Settings link, Import Contacts.

Importing Contacts


The email address you used to sign up with MySpace is the contact MySpace email will import from. You will need to put in the password of that email account you used to sign up with MySpace.

For instance, myname@yahoo.com. My password for this email address is what I need to put in to import my address book.

Pick the icon of the email account you are with or click the here to begin here button.


Depending on what email account you have, that login page will be shown. Typing in your password on this page will also tell you what you are sharing with MySpace in this case you are sharing your contacts. Also, MySpace says they will not store your shared email account data.

If everything is successful, you will get a web page similar to the one shown below. If so, click the Continue button. If you have changed your mind about sharing your email account with MySpace; click the “here” link to revoke permission for sharing your email account. This is shown below underlined in red.


Depending on how many contacts you have in your address book and the status of your contacts on MySpace already, you will have choice to invite them if they are not. In my case, my contacts are not on MySpace already, therefore I will click the Invite Friends button to invite them to MySpace.


Manually Adding Contacts

To manually add your contacts go to the Address book click Add Contact. After you have added all necessary data, click the save button.

Now, your contacts are in MySpace and you get to find out if they have a MySpace account already!

~Tweety Dimes