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Add OneDrive To Your Devices

Chrys from Kansas writes:

I’ve heard you talk about the free Microsoft OneDrive storage and how you can add it to your computer so it shows up just like another drive. How do I do that?

If you have a Windows 8.1 computer, OneDrive will already show up as an option by default when you save or open drives.

To add the OneDrive App to your Windows 7 computer click here to [1] download the free app [1].  You cannot add OneDrive to  a Windows XP system.  A copy of your OneDrive will be downloaded to your computer and will sync with your OneDrive. Changes to your OneDrive folder from any device will also be updated to your device. You can access OneDrive in your File Explorer to rename, delete, create or move files in your OneDrive folder. Changes will be applied to your OneDrive folder and to all of the other devices in Sync with your OneDrive.

To add OneDrive to mobile devices, go to the Google Play or iTunes store to download the app.

You can save photos of documents to your OneDrive Storage from your tablet or phone.

You can also use an app like ES File Explorer to add your OneDrive account to your device.  Open the app.

Tap the menu button and then choose Cloud.

Then select the + sign at the bottom left of the screen.

You’ll see a choice of cloud services. Select OneDrive. This is also how you can add other cloud services.

Log into your Microsoft account and agree to the app permissions and your OneDrive will be added as a destination on your device.

~ Cynthia