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Add Paint to Windows Send To Menu

Lois from Pennsylvania writes:

How can I add Paint to the Windows Vista ‘Send To’ menu?

Thanks for the question, Lois. I hope the steps below work as well for you as they did for me. After writing this, I did a search on the subject and found a frequently repeated solution that required administrative approval to complete the process. For me, the procedure below went as simply as described, with no system interference. This should also work in Windows 7 but–when this was written–there was no access to that OS. However, XP instructions can be found at the end of the article.

First, copy the following and paste it into Start/Search.


Then, click the Send To folder link, opening the folder.


Then, without closing this folder, return to Search and find Paint (All Programs>Accessories). Or, you can just type the word Paint into search. Either way, right-click on Paint and select Copy from the menu.


Return to the already open Send To folder and select Paste from the right-click context menu.


And there it is.


Find an image file you’d like to send to Paint, right-click, and choose Paint from the menu.


The image will now open in Paint.


In XP, bring up Run with the keyboard shortcut Win+R (holding the Windows key and the R key). In Run, type sendto and tap the Enter key or click OK. That will open the Send To folder. From that point, the copy/paste instructions above should lead to the same outcome.


By the way, for opening image files, Paint should be included by default in the Open With option of the right-click context menu in all 3 operating systems.

Thanks again for the clear and concise question, Lois. I hope the answer was equally clear.