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Add Rows or Columns In Excel With A Keyboard Shortcut

More Or Less

Find yourself either inserting or deleting a lot of rows and/or columns in MS Excel?

Tired of looking for the correct button on the Ribbon or command from the Insert menu?

Yeah, me too.

So here’s an alternative that you just might find as helpful as I do.

To begin, highlight the number of rows or columns you are looking to insert. (Be sure to highlight the row below or the column to the right of the desired insertion point.)

Now it’s as simple as Ctrl + Shift + = .

Yep that’s it – those three little keys used together will insert your needed row(s) or column(s).

Looking to remove a few rows or columns?

Same idea… highlight the offending row(s)/column(s) and hit Ctrl + – .

Bam! They’re gone and you never looked for a single menu, Ribbon tab, button or other such thing.

~ April