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Add Sites to IE9 Popular Web Sites

You know, I was an Internet Explorer browser (pun intended) for a long, long time. I was loyal and faithful and all those gushy adjectives until Internet Explorer 7 started giving me the cold shoulder by freezing me out nearly every time I jumped on the internet, at which time I switched to Firefox and have had a great time browsing ever since. (By the way, I have had no cold shoulders with Firefox).

But now Internet Explorer 9 has reared its not-so-ugly head (‘fast is now beautiful” is its current claim) and this time I went to check it out (awesome hype notwithstanding). It has a lot of nice features (competition with Chrome and Firefox has definitely influenced somebody), but it has one feature in particular that I thought was worth writing about.

Internet Explorer 9 now has one tab dedicated to ten of your most popular sites (see screenshot above). I thought that was pretty cool, but since I visit a lot of sites a lot of different times in one sitting, I thought it would be nice if I could have, say, fifteen of my most accessed sites. Or twenty. Well, apparently someone out there thought it would be nice, too. Here’s how you do it.

In Internet Explorer 9, there are two ways to view tabs. One is to the right of the address bar (in the same row) and the other is below the address bar (making two rows).

To view the tabs in the same row as the address bar:

Go up to where your tabs are, and right-click in an empty area to the right of the last one. In the menu that pops up you will see Show tabs on a separate row. Make sure that it is not check marked. You should now see your tabs to the right of the address bar.

To view the tabs in another row:

Go up to where your tabs are, and right-click in an empty area to the right of the last one. In the menu that pops up, go down the list until you see Show tabs on a separate row. Put a check to the left of that. Now you should see that your tabs are in a different row than the address bar.

Okay, so now you know how to view the tabs. Which one is the Your most popular sites tab?

To view The Most Popular Sites tab:

The Your most popular sites tab is easy to find: It will always be the empty tab to the right of whatever tab is open. Note: Sometimes the end tab will say New Tab, but sometimes it will be blank. Either way, that tab is where you can access your most popular sites.

Another way to get to the tab is to type about:Tabs into the address bar and hit Enter.

Now for the good part.

Important note: This involves a little editing in the registry. Before we start, please backup your registry [1] so that if something accidentally goes a way you didn’t want it to, you can just restore your original registry settings. If you’re unsure about tinkering around in the registry, the following tip, Navigating the Registry [2] , should help.

So let’s go! The easiest way is to get into the registry is to left-click on your Start button and then type regedit into the Search bar above your Start button and hit Enter. The very top entry will be regedit.exe. Left-click on it to open the Registry Editor (or registry; they are both the same thing).

Now we need to navigate the registry to this key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TabbedBrowsing\NewTabPage

Now we have reached NewTabPage, which was our final destination. Right-click on NewTabPage and hover your cursor over New to highlight it. This will bring up a new menu. Left-click on D-WORD(32-bit) Value.

After you left-click on DWORD (32-bit) Value, you will get this:

In the box where it says New Value #1, type NumRows and hit Enter. After you hit Enter, right-click on NumRows and a menu will pop up. Left-click on Modify…

In the next box that pops up, there will be a blank box underneath where it says Value data. Type the number of rows you want on Your Popular Sites Page. The page leaves 5 columns of sites. Since I typed a 4 in the Value data box, I will have 4 rows of 5 sites. Twenty sites! Just like I wanted.

After you’ve entered your number in the box, left-click on OK and exit the registry. You do this the same way you exit websites; click on the X in the upper right-hand corner.

If you had Internet Explorer open, close and reopen it. If you had it closed, open it.

Here’s what I got when I opened it:

I got four rows of five sites, a total of twenty sites, just like I wanted!

And if you followed the tutorial, you will see the number of sites that you wanted to have, too! I think it’ll be good to have more sites that you don’t have to go looking for. I hope you will, too!

~ Lori Cline