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Adding a MySpace Slideshow

Adding a MySpace Slideshow

Are you one of the many who use MySpace to keep in touch with your friends and family? Well, how do you think they would like seeing all of your pictures right when they get to your profile homepage? I think they would probably enjoy that very much. Well, the best way to do that is to create a slideshow for all of your pictures and post it right in your profile. Interested? If you are, come along with me as we create a slideshow for your MySpace profile!

When adding a slideshow to your MySpace profile, you have a lot of options. Just go to any search engine (Google, for example) and type “MySpace Slideshow” in the search box. You will get pages upon pages of results. Although any of those probably work just fine, I’m going to go over the quickest and easiest way to add a slideshow to your profile. Here we go!

The best way is to use the slideshow feature that is built into MySpace already. The only drawback to this is that you can only use the pictures you already have uploaded to your MySpace pictures. But, this isn’t all that bad, because you can now add as many pictures as you want to your MySpace account and you will not be penalized. Along with that, this is a pretty neat feature.

Note: To add a picture to your MySpace account, log in and click on Add/Edit Photos. Click on the Browse button to search through your pictures and select the one you want to add. Then click the Upload button. The picture will be uploaded and it will show up at the bottom of that page. You can continue adding pictures until you don’t have any more to include. Now, let’s continue the slideshow process!

Step 1: Log into MySpace and click the Add/Edit Photos link located right beside your profile image.

Step 2: Click the link under Add a slideshow to your profile.

Step 3: You have two slideshow designs to choose from. Pick whichever one you like the best and click your cursor in the box filled with the HTML code.

Step 4: Right click your mouse.

Step 5: Chose Select All.

Step 6: Right click your mouse on the highlighted blue text.

Step 7: Choose Copy.

Step 8: Now, make your way back to your profile by clicking the Home link near the top left hand corner of the screen.

Step 9: Click the Edit Profile link.

Step 10: Find your way to the About Me section and click your cursor at the bottom of it. You want to make sure the slideshow shows up under any text you might already have in the box.

Step 11: Right click your mouse and choose Paste.

Step 12: Click the Save all Changes link near the top of the page.

That’s all there is to it! Your pictures will automatically be put into a slideshow format and all of your friends and family can enjoy seeing them right from your homepage. How cool is that?! For even more, keep taking pictures and add them to your profile. That way, your slideshow will be fully packed and it will be the coolest in the MySpace town!

~ Daved Brosche