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Adding Firefox Extensions

I have been a loyal user of Open Source [1] community. “Made by the people for the people” and it’s free—what’s not to like. I also believe if these Open Source programs start catching on it will also really affect the sometimes insane prices of software.

I wouldn’t use any program, however, if it wasn’t up to speed—not even to make a point. I need reliable software that suits my needs. Well, I couldn’t imagine any Internet browser serving me any better than the Internet’s little red tailed friend.

One of the biggest things FireFox brings to the table is the add-on extensions. These are little programs you can download and install to FireFox that perform specific functions. Things like Bandwidth tests and spell checkers, advanced image viewers, the list goes on and on. There are literally hundreds of extensions to choose from.

I know IE has Plug-ins [2], but they’re disjointed and there’s no single location that has a cataloged, searchable database of them all. So you really don’t know what you may want in your browser? With Firefox, if you can think of something (within reason) you would like your browser to do all you have to do is go out to Mozilla Update and search through he categories until you find it.

My only problem is I end up picking up three other extensions while I’m looking around, which revisits the point I made earlier. Sometimes you don’t know if you want, or need anything added to your browser, this is why it’s so nice to have all the available Firefox extensions in one place. With all the extensions located in a categorical manner you can simply “window shop”. Take a look at the most downloaded extensions or the top ten, this is a great way to find extensions that may have never crossed you mind.


Look for one you like under any of the categories: Bookmarks, Image Browsing, Navigation, Search Tools, etc. Click the “Install” icon (A little box with a green arrow pointing into it). The extension will automatically download. When the download finishes, just hit the “Install Now” button.

Next time you start Firefox the extension will be there.

I hope you enjoy the cool features that you can add to an already cool web browser.

~ Chad

Chad Stelnicki