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Adding More Google Toolbar Buttons

Adding More Google Toolbar Buttons

Have you heard about all the buttons you can add to your Google toolbar? If not, you have come to the right place. This article will tell you all about the buttons (or shortcut icons) that can be added to your Google toolbar!

First things first. Let’s define what the Google toolbar is. The Google toolbar is an Internet browser toolbar that is available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Various buttons can be added to the toolbar to make your Internet experience more pleasant and productive. Here is an example of what the Google toolbar looks like:

If you do not have the Google toolbar downloaded already, you can go here to get it. You will see a big blue box that says Install Google Toolbar. Click on that. The download only takes a few seconds. If you are using both the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, you will need to download the toolbar from each browser to have the toolbar available on both of them. There is a link on the page to download the toolbar for Firefox as well. There are slightly different toolbar features for Internet Explorer and Firefox, but most are similar.

Okay, so now that you have the Google toolbar downloaded, you will want to make sure that it is in the view mode. In Internet Explorer (and in Firefox), click on View, Toolbars, then Google. Make sure Google is checkmarked, as seen below.

Now, let’s add some buttons!

First, locate the green circle with the word Settings beside it on the far right hand side of your Google toolbar. It will look like this:

Click on Options from the Settings menu. This will bring up a Toolbar Options dialogue box, as seen below.

As you can see by the Features menu item within this Toolbar Options box, you can add Bookmarks, SpellCheck, Translate Menu, AutoFill, AutoLink and Send To from this menu tab. If you click on the word More, you will also see a description of each feature and option.

The SpellCheck feature is really cool when filling in text or forms online. If you have this feature on your toolbar, the next time you have to type in a form or text online, left click on the arrow next to the word “Check” on the toolbar. Next, select “Autofix.” This cool feature will correct any misspelled words right then and there. How cool is that?!

Note: The Google Web site and Google search box should already be preloaded when you downloaded the Google toolbar.

Now, click on the Buttons menu tab within the Toolbar Options box. It will look like this:

The top section titled “Show Google Buttons on the Toolbar” lists some standard buttons that can be added to the toolbar. As you can see, I just have the Google News button checkmarked to be added to my toolbar, but you can add as many as you want.

Now, go down to the Custom Buttons section in this box. As you can see, as an example, I have some already preloaded buttons, including CNN, Cnet.com, Answers.com, Wikipedia.com, Gmail.com and Google’s button gallery. This area will probably be blank for you, if you haven’t already added any custom buttons.

To add custom buttons, click on the word Add. This will bring you to the main Add Buttons to Your Google Toolbar Web site page, which can also be found by clicking here.

There are two ways you can add buttons from this page.

1.) First, you can search for specific buttons that you would like to add. For example, let’s say you want to add the Wikipedia.com button to your Google toolbar. Just type in the word Wikipedia in the Search for Buttons field on this Add Buttons to Your Google Toolbar page.

You will then see the W Wikipedia button. Click Add to Toolbar and the W Wikipedia button will now be added to your Google toolbar, as shown below. Now, any time you want to go to the Wikipedia Web site, just click on the W button on your Google toolbar and your browser will take you right there.

2.) Suppose you don’t know exactly what buttons you want to add to your toolbar and you want some ideas of what is available. Well, on the left hand column, you will see a list of categories entitled For Users on this Add Buttons to Your Google Toolbar Web site page. This is a listing by category of all the available buttons. Click on any of the categories that interest you and it will bring you to pages upon pages of buttons that you can add to your toolbar for that category!

For example, let’s say you want to see what is available in the Reference category. You notice that about halfway down the page, there is an available button for Dictionary.com and you decide you want to add that button to your toolbar. Click on Add to Toolbar and that button will immediately be added to your toolbar, as shown below. Dictionary.com is the little blue book button shown on the toolbar below.

Whenever you have the need to look up the spelling (or definition) of a word, you can just quickly click that blue book button and go right to the page. Now, you will have no excuses for having a misspelled word!

Note: If you want to add buttons, such as Gmail or the Google Calendar to you toolbar, check out the Tools category!

Removing Buttons

So, now you are probably asking, “How do I remove buttons I have added to my toolbar”?

Well, that is super simple!

Just go to that green circle titled Settings at the very far right of the toolbar that I talked about earlier and click on Options, as shown below.

The Toolbar Options box will then be displayed. On the Buttons tab, uncheck any buttons you want to have removed. In this example, the CNET.com button is being removed. Click on Remove and then click on Apply at the bottom of the box. That button will immediately be removed from your toolbar. How easy is that?!

So, there you have it. You have learned how to add and remove buttons from your Google toolbar.

Now, go on and enjoy your new buttons!

~ Liz Magill