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Adding Send To to the Right Click Menu

Hal from Chicago, Illinois, writes:

When I went to use the Send-to option on a desktop file the other day, it was gone! Can I get it back?

Hi, Hal! Yes, you can get it back. First off, let’s go through a couple of things for the folks out there who are unfamiliar with the Send To option.

When you right-click a file or folder on your desktop, a menu pops up. This menu is called a context menu. In that menu, you have the option to send that particular file to a number of different places; it depends on your computer. Sometimes the Send To option disappears for some reason.

Below is an example of what mine looks like when Send To is in the menu and when it isn’t:

Note: To add Send To back into the right-click context menu, we are going to edit the registry. As always, please make sure that you back up [1] your registry before continuing.

To get to the registry editor, go to your Start button and left-click on it. Then go to the right side and left-click on Run. If your computer doesn’t have a Run button located here and you’d like to add one, click here [2] for instructions. Another way to access the Run line, is to hold the Windows key and hit the R key (Win+R).

In the box that pops up, type regedit into the Run line.

Your registry editor will pop up. Navigate [3] to this key:


This is what your registry editor looks like with the Send To option and without the Send To option:

Now what we want to do is add the Send To key back into the registry editor.

When we have navigated to the correct key and arrived at the example above, then right-click on ContextMenuHandlers. On the menu that pops up, hover over New, and then left-click on Key.

After you left-click on New Key #1, name it Send To. Then double-left click on the entry in the right pane.

After you double left-click the entry in the right pane of your registry editor, a box will pop up, asking you to give the key a value. Type this in the box:


After you type the series of letters and numbers above into the value line, left-click on OK, and then exit the registry editor (just close it out by clicking on the X in the upper right-hand corner).

Now when you right-click on your desktop file, the menu that pops up will have Send To back in it.

That’s all there is to it, Hal! (Whew!)

Thanks for writing!

~ Lori Cline