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Adding Space to Dropbox for Free

How to Earn Additional Space Easily in Dropbox

Dropbox is the best file backup solution out there. It allows us to backup files over the cloud in a reliable and safe manner. I recently discovered that the vast capabilities of Dropbox extend beyond being a simple file backup solution.

With Dropbox, you can synchronize a certain folder over the Internet and can use it like your personal briefcase. This allows access from anywhere, and also makes it easy to move files across computers. The moment you put anything into that folder, it is automatically set to sync online and can be accessible to anyone you share it with. I am really enjoying the backup and syncing capabilities of Dropbox and you should try it too. Go to this link [1] to see how you can start using Dropbox.


I am using Dropbox to sync and backup nearly all my projects and it keeps them synchronized across my teams as well. The best part of the entire story, is that Dropbox is totally free for basic usage, and offers you a space of 2 GB initially, which is enough for basic tasks.

However, your disk space requirement might extend at times, and it becomes a hassle. Two options come to your rescue. You can either buy additional space or, you can get them for free by inviting friends to Dropbox.

Inviting one new friend to Dropbox as the cost for each 250 MB

You can invite new friends to Dropbox, and each successfully converted invite will earn you 250 MB of additional space. Divided by 6 GB, that makes a maximum of 24 friend invites.

Go to the Dropbox homepage at http://www.dropbox.com [2] and login with your username and password.


Enter your login credentials in the box that pops up. Click on login once you are done.


Once you’re inside, you will find a page that looks like the one shown below. You will also find a Get extra space free link as shown. Click on the link.


The page clearly says that you earn an additional 250 MB for every referral made.


Scroll down on the page to see the area where you can send out invites.


There are two ways you can invite friends. Invite them directly by supplying their email addresses as shown here, of you can log in to your email account to fetch a contact list and send out the invites.

After you send an invite, click on the Account link at the top right hand corner to see your account status.


Check your account status. It says 2.5 GB for me, and you will get an additional 250 MB.


Go back to your Dropbox home page and you will see a message announcing your additional space.


You can keep on earning more free space each day with this method. Likewise, you can send out Dropbox invitation mails to 24 email contacts to reach that 8 GB space instantly. However, the space is added only if your contact accepts the invitation and becomes a user at Dropbox.

~Chinmoy Kanjilal