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Additional Control for AutoPreview

Additional Control for AutoPreview

I thought today we would take a minute to expand on Friday’s tip for Outlook’s AutoPreview feature.

I’m sure that if you keep quite a few messages in your mailbox, you might have noticed how long the message list becomes as a result of the AutoPreview.

The length of the list in the new format may become a deterrent for some, so the next logical question is to wonder if there’s a way to control it a bit.

While you don’t have a lot you can alter, you can control the AutoPreview some. Specifically, you can set AutoPreview to only display the first three lines of e-mails that are unread.

To make this setting change, you’ll need to go to the View menu, Current View submenu and Customize Current View choice.

In the View Summary window, click the Other Settings button.

When the Other Settings window opens, you need to locate the AutoPreview section.

Select the “Preview unread items” choice and click OK.

Click OK again to exit the View Summary window.

Upon returning to your Outlook mailbox, you’ll find that the three lines of text are gone for all e-mails you’ve previously read, resulting in a shorter message list!

~ April