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AddonFox: The Best Firefox Add-ons

Shawna from MS asks:

There are so many add-ons for Firefox – I can hardly keep track, much less find the patience to install them all one at a time! Is there a better way?

Are you a Firefox fanatic? Are you looking to spice up your Internet experience? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions then get ready to check out AddonFox. AddonFox brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “installing Firefox addons”. Get ready, because here it comes!

AddonFox is a Firefox extension which allows you to install many of the best Firefox add-ons with just the check of a box. I guarantee that when you’ll try it, you will find some really neat features to add to Firefox, without even doing any work!

To begin using AddonFox, navigate to http://www.addonfox.com/ [1] and select the large green Download button.

To allow AddonFox to install, simply select Allow in the upper left corner, followed by Install Now.

The download is a small file so it should be brief. When it has completed, select Restart Firefox.

When the web browser reopens, the AddonFox Install Wizard will open a moment later.

Here you can see all of the categories AddonFox offers. I recommend you keep all of the boxes checked so you can get a good idea of all that AddonFox has to offer.

Next the list of Customization add-ons will appear. As you can see, there is a description for each add-on, and the More Info link will take you to the official add-on developer page, if you’d like.

Simply check or uncheck a box to download the desired add-ons. Repeat this for all of the categories and finally click Finish and the add-ons will begin installing.

When you are prompted to restart Firefox, simply select OK.

When Firefox reopens, if you check your Add-ons Manager, you will see all of the extensions have been installed. Now it’s your job to start using them!

A quick word to the wise: when using AddonFox, don’t select too many add-ons to download in one run. Otherwise, when Firefox restarts, you may be bombarded by all of the new features. Instead, add only three or four at a time, then open up AddonFox again.

Have fun!

~ Jay Neil Patel