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Address Bar on your Toolbar

Did you know that if you wanted to, you could just go directly to a website without even opening your browser?

Go to your taskbar (the bar that runs across the bottom of your desktop – see below). Right-click. A short menu will pop up and at the top you will see Toolbars. Mouse-over that and you’ll see a list with Address at the top. Left-click to put a checkmark by it.

Now when you look at your taskbar, you will see the address bar that you use when you open your browser. Type in the address of the website that you would like to go to, and you’re good to go!

(Right-click anywhere in the taskbar and the menu pops up)

Too easy, right?

One more thing: You can also access your files and folders from the address bar; i.e. My Documents, My Computer, etc. Type whatever you want in, hit enter, and Windows will pull it up for you.

~Lori Cline