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Adjust Font and Font Size Without Buttons or Menus in Open Office

We all know that you can change the font type and size if you don’t mind leaving the body of your document to go to a toolbar or menu… but you’ve got to wonder at times if there are other options.

And, while I’m sure there are many different ways to make these formatting changes today I’d like to talk about what you can do with a simple right-click.

The first step is to select (highlight) the text to be formatted. (To change a single word you simply need to place the cursor somewhere in the word.)

Now it’s time to right-click and here’s what you’ll see:


I’m sure by now that you’ve noticed the Font and Size choices.

If you go to one of those you will find that an entire list opens offering you the same choices you would have elsewhere.


Bonus time!

Just below the Size choice you’ll find one that says Style.


If you take a look there you’ll find the old basics like bold, italic and underline but there’s more included in the group. Shadow, contour, outline, subscript and superscript are among the unexpected choices. (Not all choices are available in every program or situation.)

I tested this one in various parts of the OpenOffice Suite and found that it works in Writer, Impress and Calc. (For Calc I had to have the cursor in the cell for editing. Just selecting the cell didn’t work so double click on it to get to the editing mode.)

When it comes to OpenOffice selected text and a right-click can really be a very productive combination.

~ April