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Adjusting Font Size for Printing

Ruthanne from Florida asks:

How do you make the fonts bigger when you want to print something?

Increasing the font size on something you wish to print can be achieved in several different ways. However, the method used to make fonts larger will vary from program to program. Unfortunately, there is no one way to set the actual printer to a certain font size – though a feature such as this would definitely make printing much easier.

Keep in mind that the size of font you see on the computer screen and the size of lettering used for printed items won’t necessarily be the same. It is simple to increase the font size on your screen display for easier viewing, but this does not enable the printer to print documents in fonts at the same scale. For instance, holding down the CTRL key and then scrolling up and down with the wheel on your mouse increases and decreases the font size in many programs. So, your printer is going to keep receiving the signal that all documents need to be printed in a font that is a specific size already determined by programming.

Emails are a prime example of something that many people need to print in a larger text. For instance, if you’re using Firefox and need to print off emails from Gmail in a larger font, then the following steps may be taken.

Step 1 – Open the email you wish to print

Step 2 – Click on the Print all button at the right of the email.

Step 3 – Hit Cancel on the print box that pops open automatically

Step 4 – Go to File at the top of your screen and click on it

Step 5 – Scroll down and click on Print Preview. This will then display a view of what your email will look like when it’s printed.


Step 6 – Next to the word Scale at the top of the page, there is a drop down box. Choose anything more than 100 percent, in order to increase the font size in your email. The print preview will automatically change to display the new font size chosen.


Step 7 – Click on the Print button when you have selected the appropriate scale percentage.

Step 8 – Choose which pages you wish to print and the number of copies, then click on the OK button at the bottom of the Print box.

If you only want a particular email to be printed in the larger font, then be sure to reduce the scale size back to 100 percent before exiting the print preview page. Neglecting to make this change back to 100 percent will cause other material to be printed off in the larger font as well. Increasing the percentage listed in the drop down box next to Scale on the print preview page works for any email account, as well as any other web page you come across.

If you’re using Firefox as your browser, and you’d like to print a web page, you can increase font print size by following the few steps listed below:

Step 1 – Click on File at the top of the internet page you have opened

Step 2 – Scroll down and click on Page Setup


Step 3 – Type in a number greater than 100 in the box next to the word Scale


Step 4 – Click on the OK button to initiate this change in font scale size. This will increase the size of font and any other aspect of all web pages printed from your computer.

The only time font will be printed as large as it appears on your monitor will be when you are using a typing program, such as Word or Excel. Font size can be changed before any typing takes place or you can highlight a certain section and increase the size of font in this selection only. The change in font size will only apply to the document you are typing. Once a new page in that particular program is opened, the font size goes back to whatever the default settings are. This means increasing font size must take place for every new file opened in one of these typing programs.

Since, as mentioned at the beginning, printing options are program specific, you might consider this method for all your printing needs. If you use a word processor like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, copying your text and pasting it into a document, and then following the directions in the paragraph above may ultimately be the easiest way to guarantee the results you want.

I hope these various steps help you to print off anything you wish in a comfortable size of font.

~H. A. Bryan