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Adjusting Home Page Settings in Firefox

Eric from Laurel, Nebraska writes:

Is there any way to click on my browser and see the last website I visited instead of my home page? I use Firefox.

Hi, Eric! Thanks for writing!

Yes, there is! Sometimes I don’t know what I would do without it.

There are three things you can get when you open Firefox. You can get your home page, a blank page, or you can get a tab (or tabs) with whatever was on your browser when you closed it out. Let’s take a look.

Go up to the very top of your browser and on the left part of the bar that runs across the screen (it says File, Edit, etc.), click on Tools. Then (on the drop-down menu) click on Options.


After you click on Options, a box will pop up that has 7 tabs across the top of it. Click on the first one that says General. Then go down to where it says When Firefox starts: and click on the any one of the two little up-and-down arrows and a drop-down menu will appear. It will show three options; choose Show my windows and tabs from last time. Then click on OK.


And that is it! The next time you open your browser, whatever you had open the last time you left it, will pop right back up.


It’s a really great feature, Eric. And thanks for writing!

~ Lori Cline