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Adjusting Line Spacing In Word 2010

Natalie from Florida writes: You recently wrote about adjusting Line Spacing in Word 2007. Can you also write about Adjusting Line Spacing for Word 2010 as I could not use the instructions that were for Word 2007. Thank you very much.

It seems that the more features they add to Word, the more difficult it becomes to do simple tasks like line spacing. Here’s out to find the necessary settings in World 2010. Make sure you’ve clicked the Home Tab at the top of the page.


Among the many options, you should see the little icon below, some lines with arrows pointing up and down just above the word Paragraph. Click that icon.

You will get a drop-down menu where you can choose your line spacing.

This is also where you can adjust settings like whether you’d like an automatic space added if you hit Enter or Return while typing.

For more advanced settings, click Line spacing options. You’ll pull up the Paragraph window which allows you to adjust indents, spacing and line and page breaks.

Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia