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Adjusting Reading Pane In Outlook.com

Bob from Canada writes:

I don’t like the layout of Outlook.com. The left has the inbox,sent,deleted etc., but the right side also has a dashboard leaving the actual email reading pane small and in the middle. is there a way of getting rid of the dashboard on the right side or collapsing it? Thank you.

Bob, since that little dashboard on the right contains the advertising that is effectively paying for the “free” mail service of Outlook.com, so Microsoft doesn’t let you hide them. I have a pretty wide screen, so it doesn’t appear too crowded, but I imagine on small monitors, it could be annoying. You do have a couple of options for the placement of the reading pane in Outlook.com.

Click the little gear symbol to the right and you’ll get a drop-down menu offering three choices for viewing the reading pane.

You could turn off the reading pane or choose to view it on the right side, which could crowd a smaller screen area:

Or view the reading pane on the bottom, which might open up some more room.

Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia