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Adobe Flash Player

Mohsin from Singapore asks:

I tried everything but cannot get the Adobe Flash Player to play videos on my 64 bit Windows 7 machine! What could be wrong?

If you are using the latest version of Flash, which is Adobe Flash Player 10.1, then be sure you have at least the minimum requirements for it. Intel Pentium II 450MHz, AMD Athlon 600MHz or a faster processor are the basics for Microsoft Windows, plus you need to have at least 128MB of RAM with 128MB of graphics memory included.

The latest Flash Player should work with your Windows 7 operating system, but it doesn’t work with every browser on the net. The only browsers listed to work with the newest version of Flash include:

AOL 9.0 and up
Safari 3.0 and up
Internet Explorer 6.0 and up
Opera 9.5 and up
Google Chrome 2.0 and up
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and up

Perhaps the website you are navigating doesn’t work correctly with Flash, so you won’t be able to view the videos on the site. Also, if the operating system on your computer isn’t supported by the browser vendor, then Flash won’t run with the browser versions listed above.

However, the main reason for not being able to access videos is because you are using a 64-bit operating system. When computers are running a web browser that is 64-bit on an operating system that is 64-bit, Flash Player will not run. You need to install Flash by using a 32-bit web browser on your 64-bit system. So, pick your preferred browser but make sure it is in the 32-bit form.

Since Internet Explorer in the 32-bit version is the default browser on Windows 7 machines, Flash Player should have no problem working. If you’ve changed the browser preference to Opera, Google Chrome, or Firefox, then make sure you downloaded the 32-bit version from its respective website. After you’ve downloaded the 32-bit web browser, go to the Flash Player Download Center and install Flash Player.


Note: You have to be using the 32-bit browser when you are downloading the player, otherwise you won’t be able to install the 32-bit Flash in your 64-bit browser.

There are occasionally other problems experienced by Windows 7 users when trying to run Flash Player, even though it is fully compatible with each version of this particular operating system. Sometimes the initial download page for Flash Player isn’t accessible on Windows 7. Other times there are errors during installation of Flash with this same operating system.

Problems downloading Flash usually only occur when a 64-bit web browser is being used. So, downloading the 32-bit version of your favorite web browser will remedy this. If you run into an error during installation, then the program needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled. To uninstall Flash, perform the following steps:

Download the special uninstaller for Adobe Flash Player that works on Windows

Save this file in a location easy to find, such as on your Windows Desktop

Exit all of your applications

Run the uninstaller program

Once you’ve completed these 4 steps, restart your computer.

The Adobe Download Manager is the tool used to install Flash Player from the web browser on your computer. Occasionally this program needs to be uninstalled as well, and then the entire process of downloading it and Flash Player needs to be initiated. Perform the following steps to uninstall the Download Manager:

Go to the Start button at the bottom of the screen

Click on Control Panel

Select Programs/Uninstall a program and click on Uninstall a program


From the program list, select Adobe Download Manager. Note: You won’t have to bother removing Manager if you’re using an older installation of Flash Player.

Click on the Uninstall button at the top of the list of programs once Adobe Download Manager has been highlighted (Adobe Download Manager wasn’t installed on the computer used here).


If you’ve done all this and videos still cannot be displayed, then try the following troubleshooting methods:

Refresh the web page being viewed.

Confirm that you’ve actually allowed content on this particular website to be viewed. Sometimes the popup blocker will need to be adjusted to allow specific pages to be viewed.

Check firewall settings and check the security level of your browser. How this is done will depend on which firewall and browser you’re using.

Hopefully, the above processes will help you determine why Adobe Flash isn’t working for you. It can be a bit time consuming, but very possible to fix.

~Cory Buford