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We all have problems with data storage. No matter how big your hard drive is, eventually you’re going to run out of disk space.

You could buy more hard drives or store files on DVD or Blu-ray disks, but sometimes you just need a secure way to store your data and maybe share it with a few friends. The best option in this case is online data storage.

There are many online storage services, each offering different features and storage amount. But if you’re looking for a lot of online storage, look no further than ADrive.


ADrive offers 50GB of online storage for free. You can upload and download files using a Java interface then arrange them in folders and create public links so you can share them with others.

You can also use it for backup and recovery. With this much space available you can backup the entire system partition: Windows, Office and all your programs and applications. Just be careful about your private files if you’re using the free storage plan, because it offers no security.

ADrive currently has three storage plans: Basic, Signature and Premium.

The Basic storage plan offers 50GB of free online storage and all the essential features to store, backup, share, and edit documents online.

Signature offers the same amount of storage space as Basic, plus features like: FTP transfer, SSL encryption, file recovery and a desktop application supporting Windows, Mac and Linux.

The Premium storage plan is geared more toward business and enterprise users, as it offers the same features as Signature, but allows you to choose between 100GB, 250GB, 500GB or 1TB of online storage space.

One feature that is unique to ADrive is the integration of the Zoho Online Document Editor, which allows users to edit their word processing documents and spreadsheets online. This means you don’t have to download a file, make changes and then re-upload it to ADrive. This feature is available even for free accounts.

In terms of security, the free storage plan is not recommended for any sensitive or private files, as it has no encryption. If, however, you upgrade to a paid storage plan, the security improves dramatically. With SSL encryption and a password protected account, your privacy is guaranteed.


Using ADrive is very easy. After you create a new account, sign in with your email and password on ADrive’s home page. Then, click Upload Files/Directories to upload your files. A Java upload tool will appear. You’ll have to install Java, if you don’t already have it on your computer.


Clicking on Add, will allow you to browse your computer and select the files and folders you want to upload. After you’re satisfied with your selection, click on Upload. Dependant of your file size and connection speed, you may want to leave the computer on and upload your data at night.

You can also upload files from a website by using the Transfer Remote File command, located on the top right of the ADrive interface.

Once you have uploaded your files on ADrive, right click on any file and you can move, copy or delete them, edit with Zoho or download them.

When you’re done using ADrive, click on sign out to end your session.

~Cosmin Ursachi