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After mentioning this term in one of the tips last week, I received several e-mails from all of you wondering what exactly it is. I’m sure most of you can figure out that it has something to do with advertisements, but what else does it entail? Where does the term come from, etc., etc.? Those are all good questions and I’m here to answer them for you right now!

Basically, AdSense is an advertisement serving program that was created and is maintained by Google. (There’s nothing those folks over at Google don’t do, is there?!) If you are a Web site owner, you are able to take part in AdSense in order to put text, image and even video ads on some of Google’s sites. All of the ads are taken care of by Google, while they make their profit on a per-click type of basis. So, every time someone visits a Web site that contains your ads, Google generates some of the revenue, but you also get to enjoy the benefits of advertising for yourself.

Google works to place your ads on other sites that are similar in content as well. They use your geographical location and other factors to make this happen. AdSense is also very popular, because their ads are more personable than most Web site banners are and as I said earlier, they go along with the content of each particular site. If you are a Web site owner and would like to get involved with AdSense to get your name out in the online world, you can sign up right here [1] from AdWords. Everything else that you need to know about the service is explained there as well.

~ Erin