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Agenda Slides In MS PowerPoint

Agenda Slides In MS PowerPoint

Have you ever found yourself creating an agenda slide for a presentation you’ve just completed?

You know—a slide at or near the beginning that lets the audience know what you plan to cover.

What did you do?

Did you simply put together a new slide containing the titles used on the other slides?


Yeah, me too.

Want to save a lot of time?

What would you think if you could get MS PowerPoint to make the slide for you?

(I know that I’d be doing a happy dance.)

Well, guess what.

PowerPoint can do all the busy work, allowing you to simply put in the “fine touches”. (Dust off your dancing shoes—it’s time for the “happy dance”.)

Here’s the scoop.

After you’ve created your presentation, and you’re ready for a summary / agenda slide, go to the slide sorter.

Now that you’re there, select the slides that you want included in your summary.

Now that you have your slides chosen it’s time to let PowerPoint to work for you.

You’re looking for the Summary Slide button on the Slide Sorter Toolbar.


Click it.

Instantly, PowerPoint will create a new slide that lists all the titles from the selected slides. The summary slide has been placed just before the first selected slide. (This slide was created from 6 different slides with titles listed in the bulleted list.)


You’ll need to edit it a bit—you might want to change the “Summary Slide” title to something snappier, but for the most part, the time-consuming part is done.

Once you’ve added your finishing touches, you’re ready to go.

Happy Dance time!

~ April