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Ahh, I’m losing my mind, I mean, my mouse!

Ahh, I’m losing my mind, I mean, my mouse!

Yes, I hear that cry daily… You’re typing along, life is good, then you need to click on something and you can’t find your mouse. Despite moving that little critter all over your desk, your eye can’t seem to locate the pointer. Ugh!

Well, here’s a quick solution for you Windows XP users:

Click on Start , select Control Panel , click on ” Printers and Other Hardware ,” and choose Mouse . In the resulting window, click on the Pointer Options tab.

In the Visibility section, I would recommend un-checking ” Hide pointer while typing ” so your mouse cursor doesn’t disappear that often. Then check ” Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key .” This will activate a bulls eye target to appear around the mouse cursor when you press the Ctrl key.


(Your mouse control panel may look different and have fewer features, so don’t be surprised if it is not the same as what you see here.)

And don’t worry, it won’t interfere with keyboard shortcuts using the Ctrl key. Once you’ve made your selections, click Apply and then OK and you’ll have a mouse that doesn’t scurry away quite as much!