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AIM 6.0

AIM 6.0

Are you an avid AIM user? You know, the popular instant messenger program from AOL. Well, if you are, have you upgraded to the 6.0 version yet? Well, if you have or if you haven’t, this article will give you an inside look to all of the new features AIM 6.0 has to offer. Are you ready? I sure hope so, because this is going to be an exciting ride. Here we go!

The new version of the very commonly used instant messenger, AIM, has become increasingly popular among people of all ages! A lot of children have it now, most teenagers and college students use it and even adults are taking part in this interactive system. It is growing more and more every single day. The new AIM allows you to not only instant message your friends and be in different chat rooms, but you can send emoticons, files, pictures, videos and talk with a microphone. Everything is literally right at your fingertips!

So, what do you say we take a look at some of the most common features of this instant messenger to make your usage a smoother process?!

You can add your friends and buddies to your list by clicking on the +/- sign at the bottom of the messenger. Once you do that, just enter the individual’s screenname into the space provided. You will also be able to see which of your friends are online at any given time. If you want to chat with someone, just click on their name and a box will open where you can start a text conversation with that person. In this box, if you look below to the very bottom, you will see other options provided. These enable you to send files, pictures, videos or anything else you might like to do.

Now, if the particular person you are talking to is bothering you or is simply someone you do not want to be in contact with (or even see you visible online, for that matter), you can go under the People tab and click Ignore or Block. By blocking the person, they will not be able to see you when you come online. There’s also another interesting feature that enables you to message people while being invisible. You will see a blue eye under the tab bar of the AIM screen. If you click on that, it will close, meaning you are invisible. You can hide from everyone on your list if you don’t want to be talking to too many people at once. That then allows you to select and message the people you do want to chat with at any given time.

There are also many features next to a person’s screen name that can mean different things. For instance, if there is a “ZZZ” next to the screen name, this is usually portrayed in cartoons as the sleeping sign. This means the person is “idle” and they are away from their computer. So, don’t expect them to receive your messages until they get back. If you highlight their name, a small information box will appear to show their profile picture (if they have one), their online time and their idle time, if applicable. That way, you can see how long a person has been gone, etc.

If a person is “Away” from their computer, they can post an away message. If an away message is posted, a small yellow note will appear next to their screenname. You can still instant message a person who is away and often times, the person may still be at the computer and they will respond to your message right then if they want to. If you wish to put up an away message, this option is again more easily accessible under the top tab bar, where it reads Set Away. You can select one of the messages provided or make up your own if you’d like. When you want to return from being “Away,” just click on the “I’m back” box, located in the same spot!

To shape your own profile and settings, the most important tab is Edit. You can select expressions to choose how you want everything to appear and by going under Settings, you can set everything offered and provided by AIM to the way you want it to be!

You can download the new AIM 6.0 right here. Enjoy!

~ Sheida