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AIM Chat in Gmail

AIM Chat in Gmail

Do you use Gmail for all your e-mail needs? How about the popular AIM chat? Well, if you use both of those, you’re going to absolutely love what I have for you today! I know I’ve been hitting you with a lot of new Gmail features lately, but from the response I’ve been getting, it looks as if all of you love it. So, I figured I’d continue the trend with today’s quick tip! I hope you don’t mind. Let’s take a look at what Gmail has in store for us now!

Just recently, Google launched a new AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) feature into the Gmail e-mail program. That’s right, from now on, you can chat with all of your AIM buddies right inside your Gmail account. When you log in to your Gmail, you now have the option of signing in to your AIM account as well. Once you do that, you can start chatting with your friends and your AIM buddies will also populate onto your Contacts list in Gmail. All of them will be searchable just like your Google Talk contacts as well. How convenient is all of that?!

To start a chat session, click on the Sign into AIM option under the Chat section. Then just click on a friend’s screenname and start typing. It’s never been easier! Plus, you can go through your e-mails while you talk. Note: an AIM account is required to use this feature, so if you don’t have one yet, you can go here [1] to set one up. Also, keep in mind that this feature is only available for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2, so if you want to use AIM in your Gmail, you will need to upgrade your Web browser first. Once you do all that, you’ll be all set and you can start chatting it up with all of your AIM buddies. Have fun!

~ Erin