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Alan Cooper’s Homonyms

Upon arriving at this site you will be presented right off the get go with the site’s “About” information. In my opinion there are two reasons for doing this – it addresses that fact that these words are actually homophones and it also shares the passion that started this site. I found the opening to the site to be charming and informative. You’ll even find the rules for what how words are select to go on the list and a list of contributers who have helped make the list what it is today.

Are you ready to dive into the list? Well you can do so from either the Go to the List link located at the top or bottom of the page. This will whisk you away to the list in all its glory! The list is in alphabetical order and all you have to do to navigate it is scroll down. An important clue is the red or blue square next to the set of words. Red means it is a set of two words. Blue means it is a set of three or more words. 

The database was growing so quickly that the author of the site decided to automate its updates by creating a program that would allow words to be added more easily. 

 This a fun way to check out words that are homophones, go check it out today!

http://www.cooper.com/alan/homonym.html [1]