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All About Birds: Great Blue Herons

One of the reasons I love spring and early summer is that there are hatchings…and baby birds to watch on bird cams all over the web!

The Great Blue Heron cam just had three eggs hatch, with an unconfirmed fourth (when I was there last), so hopefully there will be at least one more hatching to see.

What I love about this cam is that they offer a view of the nest from two angles. There is the main cam (the one with the chat area next to it) and then beneath it there is a second cam so you can check on the nest from another angle.

If you scroll down past the cams and the twitter feed, you’ll find information all about the Great Blue Heron. On the chat section, you’ll see a tab labeled Videos, if you click that you can watch the videos of the nest, egg laying, and highlights from the nighttime feed.

This is another awesome bird cam, go check it out!  

http://www.allaboutbirds.org/page.aspx?pid=2433 [1]