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All About Frogs

All About Frogs [1]

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Frogs are fantastic! This is an awesome site that is devoted to showing you all the cool stuff about frogs. You’ll find navigation fairly simple, the sections are all laid out for you on the main page, and there is also a side menu with even more options! It was hard to pick where you should start, so my first suggestion would be to dive into whatever section catches your fancy first.

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I’d recommend that you check the Frog of the Month on the side menu-it’s cool to see which frog they’ve highlighted. I also really enjoyed the Weird Frog Facts section.

Under the Just for Fun section, you can take a test to see what kind of frog you are, but in that section, you should really check out the Frog Bread! It is amazing!

Under the Resource section, you’ll find a great resource for teaching about frogs in the Teacher’s Corner.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit the Frog Art Gallery! You’ll find an interesting assortment of photographs, sculptures, and drawings of frogs.

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Frog Tattoo

There is just too much to check out at this site to cover it all. Hoppy exploring!

http://allaboutfrogs.org/ [1]