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All About the Quick Launch Toolbar

Tyler S. asks:

With all of the work that I do on my computer, a friend of mine says that I could benefit enormously if I used the Quick Launch toolbar. What is it and how do I use it? I have Windows XP.

Tyler, I personally wouldn’t even like being on my computer without the Quick Launch Toolbar. It sounds like you are on the computer a lot, so you are smart to ask about it!

The Quick Launch toolbar is just what it sounds like: it is an option on the taskbar (the bar that runs along the bottom of your screen) that you can use if you want to launch tasks (programs, applications, files, etc.) quickly.

Here’s a screenshot of the taskbar without the Quick Launch toolbar:


And here’s a screenshot with the Quick Launch toolbar:


Anytime you click on one of those icons on the taskbar (Quick Launch toolbar) the program comes right up; you don’t have to go to your Desktop or Start Menu.

That’s what the Quick Launch toolbar is/does. If the icons aren’t there, then that means the Quick Launch toolbar is not enabled. So how do you add it to the taskbar?

First, right-click in any blank area of your taskbar and an option menu will pop up. One of the options is Toolbars. Point to Toolbars to highlight it and then click Quick Launch to put a check mark by it.


Since we had two open programs, they will now be to the right of the Quick Launch toolbar. If you want to move them down and don’t know how, click here

Here’s the final result:


Now you can check your mail a lot quicker than before!

Hope this helped, and thanks for writing!

~Lori Cline