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All Adobe Applications For $49.99? Creative Cloud released.

creative cloud [1]

The big news from Adobe (creators of the popular Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premier and Flash among other software), is Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud includes 21 different applications – all of the programs included in the Adobe Master Suite package, along with online sync – a host of unique and special add-ons focused to Creative Cloud customers. You also receive 20 GB of cloud based storage from Adobe to share and collaborate on files.

The real special point of Creative Cloud isn’t the product offerings so much as the pricing. The “Master Suite” is available for $2599 per computer, and Photoshop alone costs $699 (always been a huge cost for companies and individuals needing access to these programs). Creative Cloud offers a membership service where you pay $49.99 a month in 1 year subscription, $79.99 per month without a subscription, or $29.99 a month for students and teachers for the entire collection of applications, which adobe promises will be the latest version without ever needing to pay anything extra.

What’s the downside? If you stop paying you lose access to the programs. While $2599 is a lot of money to spend, once you buy The Master Suite you own it for life. You don’t get free upgrades of course, but if you’re a user who typically buys the upgrades when they come out, Creative Cloud could save you a lot of money. The other big downside is future support. It’s unknown if/when Adobe will change the fee structure or discontinue the product offering, and your company could find itself scrambling to come up with the money to buy a full version before the Creative Cloud is discontinued. We don’t expect this to happen, as software-as-a-license (the kind of monthly payment to use a software that creative cloud has embraced) is gaining in popularity… but you never know!

If you’ve wanted to see if version 6 of Adobe applications to see if Creative Cloud is worth it, Adobe offers a free 30 day trial https://creative.adobe.com/plans [2]