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All Experts

All Experts [1]

Do you need an expert opinion? You can definitely find one at All Experts. Choose the category you have a question about and choose the area of the topic your question is in. Then choose someone in the forum to answer your question. Put in the question and e-mail address, and they will get back to you. I’ve quoted below their info on response time. I asked a question and had it answered within the hour. Be patient and polite, and the best part is, the advice is free. Enjoy this one.

“Our studies have shown that nearly 50% of responses arrive the same day or within 24 hours. Another 30% arrive by next day and about 20% arrive the day after that. Sometimes you can get a response in minutes! If, however, you find, for whatever reason, that you don’t get a response after 3 days, write us and we’ll investigate. We’ll always get back to you!”

http://www.allexperts.com/ [1]