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All Music

I love this site almost as much as I love music! This site truly lets you indulge in your passion for music.

To get started I suggest scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking About Us so that you can learn all about the site and what it specifically offers a music lover. Or you can dive right in and use the search engine to find out more about your favorite album, artist, band, classical work, or song. Notice on the pages that you can play samples of an album, so this might also be a great way to discover more music that you like by searching for an artist you love and then sampling the similar artists!

The site menu at the top of the page includes: New Releases, Top Pages, Moods, Instruments, Artist Spotlights, Pop Genres, Editor’s Choice, Top Composers, Themes, Countries, Classical Reviews, and the AllMusic Blog.

Since discovering this site, I find myself coming back all the time to look up information about my favorite artists or songs. So I’d also recommend that if you’re a music lover that you bookmark the site for easy access. It is also a great way to keep up with what has just been released via the new releases listing.

If you love music then this is a site you should definitely check out! More of a movie or video game buff? Then check out their sister sites AllMovie and AllGame. I know as a gamer I’ve found AllGame a valuable resource, and I’m going to guess movie lovers will feel the same way about AllMovie!

http://www.allmusic.com/ [1]