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All-new Camera Features in iOS 5

With Apple’s much-touted iOS 5 firmware upgrade, the devices have been given wings. Yet, not many of the iOS camera secrets are well-known.
Here are a few from the new firmware upgrade (and some from the previous) to get you started…

Lock screen
Double clicking the Home button from the iOS device’s lock screen will activate the camera.

Location services
If location services are enabled in ‘Settings’, all your photos and videos will be tagged with the location data.

Privacy feature
If you take photos from the locked screen, you cannot view the other photos already resting in the Camera Roll folder. Only the ones you’ve taken just now.

Shutter sound
In addition to taking pictures by tapping the camera button, you can also use the volume up button to do the same. What’s more, you can even control the volume of the shutter sound. Just use the volume buttons or the Ring/Silent switch.

Control exposure
With the grid lines showing when you are about to take a picture, you can now also lock the exposure to avoid autofocus. Just tap and hold the screen to lock the exposure and focus to that position. Tapping the screen again will unlock the setting.

You can pinch the screen in camera mode. Doesn’t work in video mode.

Press and release the On/Off button and the Home button simultaneously. The screenshot is automatically saved in the Camera Roll folder.

HDR photography
No need to buy HDR apps, the iPhone and later devices have it pre-loaded now. Just tap Options in Camera and set HDR. If you want to keep normal and HDR, just go to Settings/Photos. Does not work for the 4th gen iPod Touch, though. You can only switch off or switch on the grid mode by clicking on Options.

~Zahid H Javali