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All That Is Interesting

I love this site! I don’t know why I haven’t shared it before now, considering I visit it weekly.  They always have something new and astounding to keep me interested. 

When you arrive at the site you’ll find the featured section What We Love This Week and then the volume number. It will show you the best of whatever they’ve featured recently. When I was there it was volume XI and they were showcasing Guido Danielle’s Amazing Handimals [1]. To see everything that is being featured just keep scrolling down the page. 

Want a cool way to continue to check out amazing stuff? Just click that big arrow on the right side of the screen and you’ll be whisked away to previous entries! It makes it very easy to get lost in checking out all the cool stuff. 

You can also navigate more traditionally by category if you use the navigation strip at the top of the page! They categories are Astounding, Photography, Art, Science, Design, History, Curiosities, and Videos. 

No matter how you decide to browse this site you are bound to find something interesting, now go check it out!

http://all-that-is-interesting.com/ [2]