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ALOT Radio App

Listening to the radio online is one of the most convenient features of the Web. Now, finding those radio stations has become even easier. How would you like to listen to any available radio station across the country? Do you have a favorite radio station that is just out of reach? Well for Internet Explorer users, I have found a great new tool. It is called the ALOT Radio App, and it is 100% FREE.

When I first read about this app I was a bit skeptical as to what it says it can do. Once I downloaded it, though, I was pleasantly surprised. With a simple click of the button I was able to listen to any local or nation wide radio station available on the web.

During the installation of this program I was asked if I wanted to make ALOT my home page, and also if I wanted to make it my default search provider. I chose not to at the time, but if you wish too simply leave the boxes checked and press Agree and Continue.










The actual installation of this product was fairly quick. After it was completed, it popped up a box asking me if I wanted to participate in the ALOT Discover program. It seems like it’s designed to track the websites you go to and share it with other users. I really did not want to do this so I simply checked the box that said “No, I’d rather not participate at this time” and clicked OK.

I was then greeted with my web browser displaying all of the different apps this company offers (which may I say was a lot). I noticed the toolbar installed at the top and the first icon was for my radio. I simply clicked on this and a pretty cool box came up that showed all of my local radio stations! Notice it put in my location already for me! It was that easy.














As you can see in the picture above this little app has a lot of features. Some of them include separating the stations based on type, creating a favorites list, keeping track of your history and searching for specific stations.

Overall, I found ALOT Radio a very convenient app that was easy to use and offered the freedom of listening to anything you would like with a the push of a button. So, if you are an Internet Explorer user and this sounds interesting to you, go ahead give it a shot! Click here [4] for your completely FREE download.