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Alphabetize Your Favorites

Donna, from California, asks:
I would like to alphabetize my Favorites. Is there a way to do that?

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Yes, there is, it’s really easy, and I’m glad you asked. Now – don’t laugh – but when I first wanted to alphabetize my favorites I tried to drag each folder to its place, all the while trying to keep track (I had 64 folders and 50+links that I hadn’t alphabetized). After a half an hour of being very frustrated I decided that it really wasn’t that important (but of course it was).

You didn’t mention what browser you had, so I’m going to show you four of the top browsers used.

For Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and 9:

#1: Open Internet Explorer.
#2. Click on Favorites. (in Internet Explorer 9, click the star icon on the right-hand side)
#3. Right-click on any folder or link.


#4. After you right-click, a menu pops up with a list of tasks. Left-click on Sort by Name.


Your Favorites are now alphabetized.


For Mozilla Firefox:

#1. Open Firefox.
#2. Left-click on View, then Sidebar, then Bookmarks.


#3. Now in your sidebar you see (along with other items) Bookmarks Menu. Right-click on that and a menu will pop up with a list of tasks, one of them being Sort by Name. Left-click on it.



#4. Expand the Bookmarks Menu (click on the + sign to the left of Bookmarks Menu.)


Your bookmarks are now sorted alphabetically.

For Google Chrome:

It’s a little different for Chrome, but the principle is the same.

#1. Open Chrome.
#2. At the very right of your page at the top is a little wrench. Left-click on that and then left-click on Bookmark Manager.


#3. This has opened a new tab. At the left of the tab you now have a sidebar. Right-click on Bookmark Manager and then left-click on Reorder Items.


Your bookmarks are now alphabetized.

There you go! A few clicks and you can now see what you actually have in your list.

Thanks for writing!

~Lori Cline