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Alphabetizing Your Favorites

Dot In Covington, VA asks:

Is there a way to alphabetize my favorites lists?

No matter how many favorites you have, they can become messy over time. One good option is to alphabetize them so you can find the website fast, and not have to sort through a bunch of sites before you find the one you are after. You can easily achieve this in only a few steps. You will be surprised at how easy it really is.

Internet Explorer 7 & 8

Open Internet Explorer, and click View at the top. Go down to Explorer Bar and click Favorites from the side menu. You will then see your favorites listed on the left side of the screen.


Right-click on any website and select Sort by Name. The list of favorites will be in alphabetical order.


The list will stay organized any time you open Internet Explorer. If you have folders set up, you can right-click on the individual folder and select Sort by Name, and the sites within the folder will be sorted alphabetically. The only downfall to this is, if you add another site to your favorites list, you will have to sort it again. It doesn’t take very long to do, but this can still be an inconvenience.

It’s that easy.

Firefox 3

One of the biggest complaints with Firefox 3 is how to organize bookmarks. You can no longer right-click an individual bookmark to sort the list, but can only right-click the folders on the left side then select Sort by Name. If you add a new site to your favorites list, it is pushed to the bottom and does not automatically alphabetize. This means you have to sort again.

To sort bookmarks, click Bookmarks at the top of the screen then click Organize Bookmarks.


Single click the folder that holds the bookmarks, right-click and select Sort by Name.

Firefox 2

Click Bookmarks then Organize Bookmarks at the top of the screen.

The favorites list will show in the left pane. Right-click on any website and select Sort by Name. The sites will then be listed in alphabetical order. If you want to sort sites within a folder, single click the bookmark folder that you want to alphabetize. The folder contents will be shown in the right pane. Right-click on any individual bookmark and select Sort by Name. The sites in that folder will be in alphabetical order.

Use Firefox Extensions to Sort Bookmarks

Firefox has extensions that allow you to alphabetize the list of bookmarks in all folders, which includes the Bookmarks Toolbar. They recommend it is best to keep folders on the bookmarks toolbar, and use short names for them.

Firefox 3 Extension

The SortPlaces extension was designed for Firefox 3. It sorts subfolders, their contents, and other various ways. It also has an addon option that will allow you to sort the Bookmarks Toolbar if you want. When I tested this extension, I found that when I first bookmarked a site, it puts it at the bottom. After a few minutes, it organizes the bookmarks automatically and moves the website to the correct place in the list.

To access this extension after you install it click Bookmarks then select Sort Bookmarks.


Click Options if you want to change the settings.


Firefox 2 Extension

The Bookmark Sorting extension for Firefox 2 will sort all bookmark folders. You can choose from many different sorting options. You can sort by name, URL, or last visit date. To access Bookmark Sorting click Bookmarks at the top of the screen, select Bookmark Sorting then select the option you want from the sidebar menu.


Google Chrome

You can do simple sorting with the bookmarks in Google Chrome. You can only sort by title and for one folder.

Click the wrench icon on the top right of the window and select Bookmark Manager.


Click the folder that holds the bookmarks on the left side, click Organize then Reorder by Title. The favorites list on the right will be listed alphabetically.


~Rita Wood