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Alternative Ways to Connect to Gmail

A lot of people all over the world get a little rattled whenever Gmail’s services go down. Since So many people depend on Gmail for their daily email needs, today we will learn how to use it when there’s an outage.

Gmail operates in three primary modes: standard, HTML and mobile. Sometimes even when the standard version gives you errors, html and mobile are accessible.
In most of the cases it’s just the standard Gmail interface which goes down.

Method one is trying out the HTML interface. To access that click on:

It’s a quick, plain-clothed alternative to the standard Gmail interface. I suggest you bookmark this link in your browser’s favorite menu for quick access.

The second way out is to access the mobile version of Gmail; the page meant for your mobiles phones. Type in “m.gmail.com” in your address bar and you will have a very bare boned, almost skeletal version of Gmail. As text based as it looks, it loads quick and serves the purpose.

If this look starts to remind you of the great depression then I suggest you try out the iPhone version of Gmail Mobile.


The link for that is:

Lastly, if you are a iGoogle user, you can read all your mail by going to the Gmail Gadget in your iGoogle. Even if you are not a iGoogle User, you can still access this benefit by logging on to: http://www.google.com/ig/gmailmax. In fact if you select canvas view in iGoogle you can view your full inbox instead of just a feed and even reply to email from right there. iGoogle is a great homepage for people who rely largely on Gmail and Google reader.


These 4 options in more than many ways ensure you access to your precious Gmail inbox. However, if you still encounter problems, then the last way is to use your desktop mail client. Yes, the old fashioned Outlook , Outlook express, Thunderbird, etc. While the web interface of Gmail might fail, your mail client will still be able to connect to gmail servers and download your mail to your local PC.

Visit the following link to go through easy steps to configure your client for Gmail Pop3 access.


With so many alternate ways it’s safe to say – Bye Bye Gmail Troubles!

~Yogesh Bakshi