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Alternatives To Vista

Alice from Fayetteville, NC writes:

I have Vista on my desktop and at 71 I am unable to upgrade to a costly new system. What do you recommend ? I have never liked Vista but that was all  you could get on a new computer at the time.  Thanks

Alice, you can certainly keep on using Vista, even though you don’t like it much.  Microsoft will continue to support Vista until April of 2017. You could also see about upgrading to Windows 7 from Vista. You could also purchase the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, but the price I’m finding is around $170, which is actually more expensive than buying the full  Windows 8.1 operating system operating system, which you can find for around $130.

Although there are a lot of similarities between Vista and Windows 7. So, if you don’t like Vista, you may not love Windows 7.


If you can manage to put away $10 a month until 2017, you should have enough to buy an inexpensive computer or a new operating system by then.  A lot of people don’t like Windows 8, but it’s a perfectly good operating system that Microsoft should continue to support for many years to come. 

Since expense is a concern, I won’t suggest switching to an Apple system. Though, if you have a tech-savvy friend to help out, you might consider switching your system to Linux. The operating system is free, though it wouldn’t run Windows applications. So you’d have to find new versions of the types of programs you’re using for word processing, web surfing, e-mail etc..

~ Cynthia