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Always Looking for a Shortcut?

Always Looking for a Shortcut?

Have you recently made the switch over to MS Word 2007? If so, do you miss your custom keyboard shortcuts from previous versions?

Looking for a way to get those back?

No problem!

They’re still there, but the route you take to get to them is slightly different.

You either need to get into the Word Options via the Office Button, Customize section or you can right click on the Quick Access Toolbar and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

Now, take a look at the bottom of the Options dialogue window. See it?

Yep, that’s right. It says “Keyboard shortcuts” with a Customize button. Click it.

You’ll now find yourself in a somewhat familiar place. Obviously, there are some changes, such as you’re looking through commands that are grouped based on the ribbon where they’re found instead of a menu, but the rest is pretty much the same.

Select a category on the left and choose a command from the right.

Click into the “Press new shortcut key” field and then actually press the key combination you’re looking to use.

Check the key combination’s availability below the “Current keys” box.

If it’s listed as unassigned, you have one you can use without consequence.

If it lists something else, that combination is currently in use and you can either find something else that’s unassigned or go ahead and assign that one anyway. Keep in mind that whatever was already used will no longer have that shortcut, so make sure it’s not something you may need in the future.

When you have something you’re ready to use, verify that Normal is selected in the “Save in” field (so that it’s available in all of your documents) and then click Assign.

There you have it. Keyboard shortcuts done just the way you like them!

~ April