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Always On Laptop Power Meter

OK notebook/laptop computer users—here’s one especially for you.

You carry your computer around all day for business, surf the web via Wi-Fi at the coffee shop, plug it into a projector for Power Point presentations, etc.

If you’re smart, you recharge it while driving to your next appointment, carry an AC adapter with you, or use a “docking station” while at your desk. But how do you know how much battery is left when you’re out and about?

Well, Windows XP shows a power meter whenever your laptop is running off the battery so you can see how much power is left.See it down in the System Tray by the clock? It looks like a little battery.


Mouse over it and you’ll see how much power is left.

If you are plugged into AC power it goes away, however, you can force the meter to show up all the time, even when docked or plugged into the wall.

Go to Start/Control Panel then “Power Options”. Select the “Advanced” tab.


Check the box that says “Always show icon on the taskbar” then click OK. When plugged into AC power you’ll see a little plug down by the clock in the System Tray in place of the meter.


This is also good because you now know if your AC plug is in correctly.

~ David