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Am Waiting For

Have you ever had something you were waiting for? Maybe you’ve been waiting for a package, promotion, trip, or event? Well, now you don’t have to wait alone!

Join other people who are anxiously awaiting something here at Am Waiting For. You’ll sign in with Twitter, and then click Add Waiting. Fill out the form with what you are waiting for, specific details, and waiting since, and then click Publish.

After you’ve published what you are waiting for you can come back and post if it ever happened.

For example, I posted that I am waiting for Saturday because that is when my roommate will be coming home from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and it will also mean that I have finished painting the living room to surprise her. Now when she comes home I can come back and update what happened and if she liked it.

When you browsing through the other entries of what people are waiting for you, you might notice a button that says” me too”. If you’re waiting for the same thing you can click that button and it will update the status of that post with who’s waiting.

This is a fun way to be social through Twitter, check it out today!