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Amazing Fact Generator

The Amazing Fact Generator is a heck of a lot of fun!

It is also very easy to use. Just click the pink Hit Me Again button to generate a new fact.

While I was there I learned all sorts of interesting things. For example:

About three-quarters of the fresh water usage in American households occurs in the bathroom.

That familiar piano tune we know as “Chopsticks” was written by a 16-year-old girl and published in 1877 as “The Celebrated Chop Waltz.”

Duct tape was developed in 1942 for use by the U.S. Army as a waterproof sealing tape for ammunition boxes.

Do you know an interesting fact? Well you can submit a fact to the generator by clicking the black Submit a Fact button. A pop-up window will appear with a form for you to fill out with your first and last name, hometown, the fun fact you want to submit, and your e-mail address. After you’ve filled in all the required fields click the Submit Fact button!

Go check this site out and discover lots of amazing facts!

http://mentalfloss.com/amazingfactgenerator/?p=1780 [1]