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Amazon Cloud Services

In today’s world of cloud computing, nobody is really bothered about buying a new device for a specific purpose. Instead, people prefer services that can utilized on all kinds of platforms. Previously, we’ve experienced music streaming start-ups like Soundcloud and mSpot that not only ease music streaming easier, they also do make it literally on-the-go.

So, what are Amazon Cloud Services?

It consists of two services as of now. One is Amazon Cloud Drive, while another is Amazon Cloud Player.

Amazon Cloud Drive [1] is an online storage offered by Amazon to store your music, photos as well as videos. However, you can upload all other kinds of documents too.

On the other hand, Amazon Cloud Player is a web-based application that allows you to stream media files (on your Amazon Cloud Drive) from your browser or any device with internet access.


1. To get started with the service, you will get 5GB for free. If you buy an mp3 album from Amazon, you will get upgraded to the 20GB plan(costs $20/yr) for a full year. If you are still not satisfied, you can buy additional storage by spending some extra bucks. The plans, to me, seemed budget friendly, because it’s only $1 per additional GB per year.

2. Once you have uploaded your music files to your Cloud Drive account, you can have unlimited access to them across the globe using just an Internet browser. Also you can try the Amazon MP3 app for Android [3].

1. The main concern over using this service lies in its terms and conditions. In its terms and conditions page [4], section 5.2  states to have “right to access your files”. This means if you are going to upload any mp3 album that you haven’t paid for, well, you have big reasons to worry.

2. Another concern that is really annoying is the absence of duplicate file checking during the file upload.  So, in case you are uploading a large number of songs at a time, make sure you’re not uploading more than one of the same.

3. I do not know if it’s only me, but none of my earlier (mp3) purchases from Amazon are shown in Amazon Cloud Player, either.

4. The last thing I am not happy about is the unavailability of an iOS app. Well, the company might soon be considering this considering the massive reach of the platform. However, there are no such rumors as I am writing this piece.

So in case you are desperate to have all your music at all places, you can give the free 5GB plan a try. And if you think you demands are met, you can go ahead and buy some extra space to carry all the music you love.

~Soumen Halder