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Ambiguous Figures

This site is about Distorted Illusions. You will need Flash and Java to view these examples, each is clearly labeled and you can even download it right from the example to get what you need to see it.

Some of the Distorted Illusions I enjoyed were:

Anamorphic Illusions: where you use a mirror to see the real image. Check that one out and super size it.

Breathing Objects is my next favorite and discusses size distortion and you can play with it to see how the illusion works by dragging your mouse over the red squares. It talks about the illusion of the blue square or triangle looking as though it is breathing or pulsing.

Perspective Illusion: this one is really neat and talks about the perspective of the picture and why the red ball should appear smaller than the first one. It leads us to the next illusion I want to talk about too.

The Moon Illusion: This explains why the moon looks both large and small depending on perspective. You can read the explanation and see the visual representation of it.

The Water Glass Illusion: This is the last illusion I want to guide you to, If you stick a pencil or straw into a glass of water, why does the pencil or straw look broken. You can find out right here in this section on this illusion.

With well over ten more illusions for you to check out on your own you have a morning full of discovery before you—check it out!