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American Field Guide

I suggest everyone reads the “About AFG” section because it really tells you what all went into making this site possible. They’ve collected data from over 30 stations across the country to bring you this site.

Animals — in this section you can choose from, you guessed it, what animals you would like to learn about. They are broken down into subtopic categories like mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians. You can also check out the Featured Video Clips.

Ecosystems — in this section you can choose from Canyons, Desert, Forest, Lakes and Ponds, Mountains, Oceans and Beaches, Prairie\Grasslands, Rivers and Streams, and Wetlands. Learn all about how unique these ecosystems are from one another. This section also has Featured Video Clips for you to check out.

Human History — Here you will find categories on Archeology, Economic Use of Nature, Exploration & Settlement, Folklore\Legends, and Native Peoples. See how the human race has grown and explored and settled down in America.

Livelihoods — “Not everyone spends their day behind a desk. Meet some of the people who make their living working in or get their inspiration from the American Outdoors.” Here you can learn about the different jobs that people do in the great outdoors.

Earth and Space — the categories of this section are Fossils, Geological Events, Glaciers, Rocks and Minerals, Weather, and Volcanic Activity. The clips on Volcanic Activity were really neat and I highly recommend that you browse some of them.

Plants — Here’s the section for those of us with a green thumb, I love learning all about plants. Here you can learn about Flowers, Grasses, Non-Native Species, Shrubs, and Trees. The clips from this section were very informative.

This site also has a wonderful search engine, two topics we didn’t cover, TV schedules, Programs A to Z, Teacher Resources and plenty more to make you visit here turn into return visits too. I loved this site and hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

http://www.pbs.org/americanfieldguide/ [1]