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American Museum of Photography

This site is full of wonderful and unique American photography. There are quite a few galleries, let’s explore them now.

Scott Mutter: A More Perfect World — These are a series of very interesting montages that are left up to the viewer to decide what they mean. Click the image to see a large version of the picture as well as more information about the piece. For those of you with faster connections you can click “Fast connection? Click here to begin.” This takes you through the image library of the larger information with text. My favorites from this collection are the Untitled (Flag) and Untitled (Swan), I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Faux Snow — “In northern climates, Winter can be a very trying season—and just imagine the icy winds of January in the days before central heat and Florida vacations. Winter presented special technical problems for Victorian-era photographers; their chemicals did not always behave properly in freezing temperatures, and processes of the day were unable to capture snowflakes in mid-air. So what the photographers could not accomplish in nature, they simulated indoors, under their studio skylights. From shortly after the Civil War until the end of the 19th century, these winter tableaux were made in cities large and small– for a public that never seemed to tire of donning cold weather garb for a portrait with faux snow.” That was so interesting I wanted to share it with you. I adore all of these pictures, but my favorite is Billie Barlow as Mercury. Look at all the fake snow in these pictures.

Cross-cultural Camera — This is my favorite section of the whole site. With my favorite picture being Giant Cedars at Nikko, Japan. These pictures are mostly lithographs, and were made a hundred and fifty odd years ago. The information in this section is very entertaining and thought provoking. Definitely make this a stop on your visit through this site.

The Face of Slavery and Other Early Images of African Americans — “And while this Gallery does not presume to tell the comprehensive story of early photography and African Americans, it does offer tantalizing glimpses into the past. During the half-century covered by these photographs, African Americans fought slavery, withstood brutal racial hatred, and struggled to escape from poverty. Sometimes the camera was their ally… sometimes it was an instrument of prejudice… but often it was an observer, recording the images that we recognize today as the raw material of history.”

Spirit Photography 1868-1935: Do you believe? — This section is very fun. Judge for yourself whether you think these photographers really caught ghosts and spirits on film.

There more exhibits than the ones mention here. Take your time and explore, a lot of these images are like a walk through history and should be savored.

http://www.photography-museum.com/ [1]