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An Alternate Way

An Alternate Way

As you may remember, last week, I wrote a pretty important tip for all you Outlook Express users out there. It had to do with the Folders column and how you could get it back if you ever happened to lose it (you can read that tip here [1]). That list can sometimes disappear on its own and after that happens, it may seem like it’s impossible to get it back. Well, it’s not! I proved that in last week’s tip and I’m going to prove it again today. Yep, I have yet another way you can get your Folders list back and this one’s just as easy!

The day after that tip was in the newsletter, I received a phone call from a loyal reader and he was having trouble with it. We went through the steps together and he seemed to be doing everything correctly, but his computer would just not let him click the push pin icon to get the column back. Each time he tried, it would just blank out on him. I was very confused as to why that was happening, but I got to thinking that some of the rest of you may be having the same problem. So, I started looking around in Outlook Express and I found an alternate way to get the Folders list back. Yes!

And here’s how you do it. In Outlook Express, go up to the View menu and then click on Layout. Once you’re there, you’ll see a section titled Basic. Look through those options and checkmark the one that says Folder List. Then just click OK and your Folders column will be back, exactly the way it was before it left you. All in all, if you’re having trouble with the first method I gave you, give this one a try. It goes through one of the main menus, so it’s bound to work for you. With this, you’ll never have to live without your folders ever again!

~ Erin