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An easy way to save old emails

Is there an easy way to save my old emails?

You must mean, as opposed to the time consuming method of opening each one and choosing “Save as” and sending it to a folder. If you are using Netscape Mail or AOL, then I’m afraid you’ll still need to go the “Save as” route, but for those Outlook Express users it’s as easy as draggin’ and droppin’.

Here’s what you do:

1. Make your OE window size smaller by clicking the middle button in the upper right-hand corner.


If this doesn’t make the window smaller, then click the triangle in the lower right hand corner and drag upward so you can see some desktop space


2. Create a folder on your desktop by right-clicking a blank area and selecting New / Folder. Name it “Email”. You could also create several folders if you want to organize your emails. Put the folder(s) where you can see it.

3. Now it’s time to select the email you want saved. If you want all of them, then just use CTRL+A. For selecting some email, hold down the “CTRL” key while clicking the ones you want.

4. After selecting, left-click a highlighted area and drag over to the Email folder. When you see the “+” appear, release the mouse button. You have successfully copied those emails to the folder.


Now that your email is transferred, you can delete it from OE if you want. You can save it to a disk from here.

Now wasn’t that easy? It’s even easier if you just want to save one email. Highlight the email and go to File/Save as then browse to the folder you want it in and click “Save”.

Firefox users can’t drag and drop multiple emails, but you can right-click an individual email you want saved and select “Save as” then browse to the folder you want it saved to and click “Save”.

These .eml files can then be saved to disk. When you click the file it will open in your default email program.

~ David